"Pyramid has released the first truly great album this reviewer has had the
pleasure of experiencing this year."
-Lucas Walker, Left off the Dial

"...the music, like most memorable recordings, transcends time and place. This
is more than simply a great record; in its own way it can redefine how we hear
music. And a record wielding that kind of power deserves our highest praise"
Rating: 5 out of 5
-John Schacht, Creative Loafing

"The eight-member ensemble embeds simple, acoustic folk songs into a complex
sprawl of wind and stringed instruments, keyboards, squalling, dissonant
feedback and shimmering silence. If this reads like some grand concept from
Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, that's not far off base."
-Mark Kemp, The Charlotte Observer

"Like large-roster trailblazers such as Tindersticks and Lambchop, Pyramid knows
that less is more until, that is, you're ready for more...those moments hit with
the element of surprise and force of a Death Valley downpour."
-Rick Cornell, The Music Monitor